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oakley sunglasses outlet sale International Design Conference speech 'conscience design, poor life' finishing. I hope you can slowly read in the useless to the cultural concept ... ... as a brand founder and designer of the Changchun, but she never shot a cold, leaving people mostly silhouette. Consciously designed, poor man I am a person who does not like to express themselves in language, has been more willing to use works to replace their own words, Fortunately, creation is a very honest thing, through the works can peek inside a person's mental and spiritual world . In 1992, after graduating from the Suzhou Silk Institute, first came to Guangzhou in the enterprise to do three years of designers, this experience makes me feel to maximize the benefits as the primary goal of the pursuit of the enterprise designer is nothing less than A disaster, I have been eager to find the clothing and design as the ideal rather than business enterprises, after years of hard to find very disappointed, desperation in 1996, reluctantly made the boss discount oakley sunglasses

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oakley outlet caring about human emotion and caring about human spiritual world. With the exception of the brand development and expansion of the brand and I have a partner on the direction of development have a greater disagreement, I insist on the exception as a designer brand should always adhere to a high degree of design quality and spirit of the concept of value is always greater than the principle of commercial interests , But the partners are hoping to expand the scale of enterprises, expanding the number of shop, with a view to creating greater business benefits. In order to adhere to the original intention of the start-up period, in 2006 I officially resigned as an exception design director, came to Zhuhai alone to create 'useless design studio.' I want to try to regain these fading 'useless' traditional skills to do some things, I would like to challenge the limits of their past, to see if we can make some with transcendence and inspiring creation. I have a strong desire to explore the spiritual and spiritual worlds of human beings. oakley sunglasses outlet store

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cheap oakley sunglasses outlet and spiritual values, then for me this is the 'dead material', now on Earth Such things have been piling up, wasting a lot of resources. The establishment of useless studio soon I got the invitation of the French fashion union, based on the above ideas, decided to participate in the 2007 Paris Fashion Week, for me this is just a talking platform, I know I do not fashion, I hope to awaken more people to these traditions, the memories of these impending memories of the emotional value of re-understanding. Fashion from the beginning of the beginning is always a symbol of hierarchy and privileges, but I think everyone in front of the works, in front of the real land, in front of workers, is equal, without their labor, the city is no way to live In this earth, in front of the workers we do not have any sense of superiority to show off. This show is my heart from the heart to the millions of years to nurture the motherland of the earth and has been quietly in the land of the farmers pay tribute to the people. Mark said that oakley sunglasses factory outlet

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